Knowledge-to-Action Challenge

Experience the core elements of our programmatic approach and the transformative power of student-centered learning.

What is Knowledge-to-Action?


World Savvy’s Knowledge-to-Action (K2A) process is a rigorous inquiry process designed to support students to see research as a life skill. It values asking questions, understanding multiple perspectives, engaging with reliable sources, and reflecting on one’s learning. Knowledge-to-Action is the focus of the third year of our Comprehensive School Partnerships. The K2A Challenge gives districts and schools the opportunity to see a microcosm of what this would look like in a classroom setting, providing insight into our deeper school transformation work.

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Program Details

Target Audience:

Students, Educators, Administrators

Time Commitment:

Full day

Session Format:

In person


What You Can Expect


World Savvy’s Knowledge-to-Action (K2A) Challenges are one-day experiences that bring together youth to create ideas for making change in their communities. Teams of students explore a relevant issue, hear from a panel of local stakeholders, and prototype and test potential solutions. They learn about design thinking as a methodology to build empathy and tackle problems with the perspectives and lived experiences of those impacted at the center.

Educators & Administrators

While students are engaged in the design challenge, educators are engaged in a professional learning opportunity observing elements of the design process and participating in reflective practice around what they are hearing and seeing and the ways in which these ideas can be taken back to the classroom.

Participants Walk Away With


Upon completion of a K2A Challenge, district and school leaders will have been exposed to core elements of World Savvy’s programmatic approach and will have a better understanding of the importance of a shift to a student-centered learning environment. In addition, district and school leaders will have valuable information from students about the issues most relevant to them and what they think should be done to solve them.


K2A in Action


"It was an extremely well-run, interactive event." — Educator


"This experience was a good opportunity to talk about how to make school a better place." — Student


"I met new friends from different schools and it made me change my thinking perspective.” — Student


All schools should be an extension of the communities they serve.

Take the first step in your school or district’s global competence journey with our Knowledge-to-Action Challenge.

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