Comprehensive School Partnerships

Reimagining education and embedding global competence into teaching, learning, and school culture.

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Our education system must keep pace with a rapidly changing world. World Savvy's multi-year partnerships with schools and educators help to create inclusive, adaptive, and future-ready learning environments where students develop the skills and dispositions they need to thrive in both community and career.

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What We Offer:

1:1 Coaching:

Personalized support for educators as they transform their practice.

Workshops & Institutes:

Hands-on learning experiences that showcase global competence in action.


Concrete tools for teaching global competence across all subjects.


Diverse materials that promote multiple perspectives and authentic learning experiences.

Knowledge-to-Action (K2A) Experiences:

Student-centered activities that build changemaker habits.


Expert guidance for schools on a wide array of topics.

Administrative Support:

Assistance for school leaders in integrating global competence into their practice.

The World Savvy Partnership

Customized Support:

Our services are tailored to each school or district's unique needs, ensuring that all stakeholders receive the support they need to create lasting change.

Collaborative Approach:

World Savvy works closely with school leaders and educators to embed global competence into teaching, learning, and school culture.

Proven Impact:

With decades of experience, we know that transforming school communities requires a comprehensive approach that engages all members and fosters a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

World Savvy's Guiding Principles

These principles form the foundation of our partnerships, guiding the design, implementation, and evaluation of our programs.

Cultivate Connections

We believe in fostering connections across identities and cultures to promote a more empathetic and compassionate world.

Promote Active Learning Through Inquiry

We emphasize active learning through inquiry, where students take ownership of their learning and become self-directed learners.

Foster Knowledge-to-Action

We encourage students to apply their learning to real-world challenges and become agents of change.

Reflect and Adapt

We believe in reflecting on our practice, learning from it, and adapting to better meet the needs of our partners.

The Impact of a Comprehensive School Partnership

Through our Comprehensive School Partnerships, educators and students experience:

Improved capacity for personalized, student-centered learning
Enhanced connections across identities and cultures
Strengthened emphasis on collaboration and interconnectedness
Increased opportunities for research, problem-solving, and action-focused learning
Elevated reflective practice and a growth mindset in educators and students

Insights from Our Partners


"Perhaps most important is the ways in which World Savvy has supported our Cohort's development of global competencies; as leaders, we are encouraged to do the deep work of sorting out where we are, where we would like to be, and how we can best get there. If you are looking for an organization to facilitate leadership work in your district or school around creating inclusive, adaptive, and future-ready classrooms, I highly recommend World Savvy."

- Camilla Modesitt, Administrator
Denver Public Schools

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