Profile of a Graduate

Charting a Course with a Defined Vision

Creating a North Star to Guide Your School Community


World Savvy supports the design and implementation of a future-ready graduate profile that centers global competence and informs the work of everyone from kindergarten to 12th grade – ensuring that ALL students graduate with the skills and dispositions they need to thrive in a complex and ever-changing world. Every school community is different, and World Savvy’s approach incorporates all stakeholder voices so that the end product feels authentic and connected to the lived experiences of everyone.

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Program Details

Target Audience:

District Leaders

Time Commitment:

This work takes place over the span of one school year.

Session Format:

Adaptable as fully in-person or hybrid


What You Can Expect

This journey unfolds in two distinct phases: Learning and Design.

Phase 1: Learning


Immerse, Engage, and Understand

Professional Learning for District and Building Leaders:

  • Explore the strengths and successes of your community
  • Discuss the rapidly changing global landscape and its implications for student preparedness
  • Understand the essence of global competence and its integration into the district culture
  • Determine the systems and practices essential for student success

Community Engagement

World Savvy champions a participatory approach:

  • Give voice to community members about graduation expectations
  • Understand the primary concerns and aspirations of stakeholders
  • Celebrate existing positive initiatives and outcomes
  • Engage in listening sessions with students, educators, business and community leaders, and families/caregivers
  • Utilize surveys to gather diverse community feedback

Phase 2: Design


Crafting a Vision for Tomorrow's Graduates

Creation of a Profile of a Graduate:

  • Engage district and building leaders in a co-creation process
  • Analyze and interpret data from community listening sessions and surveys
  • Dive deep into the district’s mission and vision
  • Agree upon the skills and dispositions essential for every graduate
  • Iterate the design based on feedback from a dedicated working committee
  • Finalize and present the profile to the community
  • Engage in backward planning: envisioning the K-12 experience that crafts such a graduate

Participants Walk Away With


At the end of our work, districts will have a graduate profile that will help to lead the mission and vision of your school community. World Savvy has additional programming to further support the implementation of a graduate profile to ensure it authentically lives in every building and classroom throughout a district.


What is Global Competence?

Global competence refers to the skills, values, and behaviors that empower individuals to navigate and thrive in a diverse, complex, and ever-changing world. It prepares everyone to be responsible citizens—locally and globally—creative problem solvers, and active participants in a fast-changing, interconnected economy.

A partnership with World Savvy provides multiple supports, including coaching and frameworks that educators need to transform their classrooms and embed global competence into teaching, learning, and school culture—to create future-ready schools where students develop the skills and dispositions they need for success—now and in the future.



All schools should be an extension of the communities they serve

Take the next step and learn how our Profile of a Graduate can guide and transform your school community.

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