We Must Imagine:
A New Reality for K-12 Education

Support our mission to Build an Inclusive, Adaptable, and Future-Ready Education System

Partner with us to co-create a new reality for K-12 education that values diversity, interconnectedness, and global competence. Your contribution to World Savvy enables us to work alongside educators and communities to reimagine K-12 education, equipping schools with the tools, resources, and support necessary to prepare students for our complex, interconnected world.


A Shared Vision for a Brighter Future

Over the next five years,
the We Must Imagine Campaign aims to:

Raise $26.5 million to invest in infrastructure, staffing, and collaborative work to drive program expansion.

Increase earned revenue from 10% to 50%+ of total revenue by 2026 for sustainable growth.

Engage a network of 10,000 K-12 schools in diverse geographies across the U.S., impacting an estimated 5 million students.

Shift the discourse on what constitutes a quality education in the U.S. by investing in research, evaluation, and partnerships with higher education institutions and subject matter experts.


The Urgency for a New Reality

A Fast-Changing World

The world has changed rapidly over the last several decades, while our K-12 educational model has remained largely stagnate, designed for an outdated industrial model. Today, it is ill-suited for a diverse and globally connected world, fails to adequately prepare students for the 21st-century workforce, and perpetuates inequitable outcomes for students of color.

An Evolving Workforce

It is estimated that as many as 85% of today’s grade-schoolers will hold a job that does not yet exist. Developing competencies like critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, and collaboration is more critical than ever for future success in a changing global economy.

More Diverse Communities

Demographic shifts have made communities across the U.S. rich with diversity and demand cross-cultural communication and collaboration skills for civic engagement and social cohesion. Today, more than half of students identify as black, indigenous, or people of color, requiring inclusive, culturally responsive education.

Increasingly Complex Challenges

Traditional K-12 education is inadequate for addressing the world's most pressing issues. Students need the skills to navigate and process vast amounts of information available through technology and the ability to think critically and develop innovative solutions to the complex and interconnected challenges facing their communities and the world.

Together, We Must
Imagine—and create—the world that students deserve.

In our rapidly changing world, the traditional K-12 education system is no longer sufficient for preparing students for the future. We need a new reality that prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to thrive in our complex and interconnected world. World Savvy is committed to reimagining education by providing the tools, resources, and support needed for schools and communities to reimagine education and create learning environments that deeply and equitably prepare young people for life as engaged citizens, thriving professionals, and global problem solvers.


How Your Contribution Makes a Difference by...

Empowering Educators

Your support provides resources and professional development opportunities for educators to teach for global competence through culturally responsive, student-led, and project-based methods.

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

Your generosity enables us to help teachers connect students' personal experiences to the content, fostering more engaging and inclusive education.

Cultivating Future Leaders

With your contribution, we can continue to prepare students with the essential skills and competencies they'll need to thrive in our fast-changing and interconnected world.

Expanding Our Reach

Your gift allows us to impact even more students and teachers, enhancing their global competence and empowering them to become active local and global citizens. In line with our commitment to equitable access, a portion of every donation subsidizes the cost of partnership for schools with limited resources.