Navigating Change and Ambiguity with World Savvy


World Savvy team members, National Director of District & Strategic Initiatives KK Neimann and Executive Director – Western Region Harben Porter, were invited to talk about our transformational work on the Make It Mindful education podcast with hosts Seth Fleischauer and Lauren Pinto.

In this episode, the hosts explore the concept of global competence with KK and Harben and in doing so, talk about how it can prepare students for the increasing complexity and unpredictability of our future. A key challenge schools face today is ensuring students graduate with the core skills that will be needed in a future that’s changing at such a rapid pace we can’t fully predict what jobs to prepare students for! KK shares that there is one certain thing we can tell young people about the future: they need to be prepared to navigate change and ambiguity. 

Listen to the podcast here.

How can schools equip their students with these essential skills to thrive in an uncertain future? World Savvy’s answer is through teaching for global competence – developing the skills, behaviors, and dispositions needed to thrive in a diverse, complex, and interconnected world. 

KK and Harben also discuss the need for a shift in the traditional approach to teaching, toward one that’s more student-centered. Through our Comprehensive School Partnerships, World Savvy supports teachers to not only embed global competence into the classroom but also to make learning more relevant and personal to students so that they feel connected to the content, leading to better student outcomes. 

But none of this is easy and pushback to new concepts and ideas is bound to happen. Perhaps Harben says it best. World Savvy is a partner that helps schools navigate “the messy work of systems change and transformation.” Learn more about our school partnership opportunities or connect us with a school today!

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