Iterative Learning: Why Our Schools Need to Abandon Compliance


The workforce that students are preparing for is changing at an unprecedented pace and will only continue to do so. The shift towards a competency-based education model is imperative, especially one that equips students with the essential skills needed to prepare them for a complex, ever-changing world.

This is what World Savvy’s CEO and Co-founder, Dana Mortenson, advocates for in a recent article, “Iterative Learning: Why Our Schools Need to Abandon Compliance,” which appeared in District Administration, a K-12 education publication. She explains how moving to a model of education focused on competencies will empower students to learn and re-learn for the rest of their lives.

Read the article here.

District Administration is a leading K-12 education publication for school district leaders that covers topics in edtech, staffing, leadership, analysis, and thought leadership.

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